4º n’Ajuda


​The project builds:
The spatial reorganization so as not to enter directly into the living-room, changing the entrance to walking through space, inside the kitchen space;
The adequacy of the minimum standards of hygiene for the current parameters – increasing the area of the bathroom, endowing it with shower area, sink and natural light + ventilation;
The maintenance of the facade elements, in materials with higher thermal e ciency;
The correction of light through saturated color in the most interior spaces of the house – the kitchen and bathroom;
The possibility of changing the spaces through sliding doors in translucent polycarbonate, which adds to the house a greater diversity of ways of inhabit.

Location Alcântara, Lisboa.
Program Housing. Interior and exterior
renovation of the building.
Team Atelier Base and eng. Carlos Figueiredo.
Photography Atelier Base and
Invisible Gentleman.
Video Vitor Gabriel.